Sunday, March 6, 2016

Junior Prom

I put the Ziploc bag in a tall cup and pour the pancake mix in the plastic bag.  Then cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag, so I could piped the pancake mix onto the hot griddle.

So many ways to ask a girl to prom...this is one of my favorites. You see the RED laminated heart that was placed under the pasta, just in case the sauce got messed up when the waiter delivered it to the table.  How cool is that and really great that the restaurant helped out.  So Vance made the pasta and wrote, "Prom 2016?" with sauce at home.  He brought it with him to, The Spaghetti Factory.  He gave the plated pasta to the waiter before he went into the dining room where his girlfriend and family were waiting for him.  He made an excuse for being late.  It was probably baseball related and probably was half true.   So creative and original

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