I used a BIRTHDAY cup I bought from the Dollar Store, cut the top half of the cup so it looked like a cupcake wrapper.  I used a cheap cellophane bag for the kisses, wish I had the crisp cellophane bag.  It would have looked a little bit nicer.  I am probably the only one that notices.

Right click you the image you want to save and click on

 photo 8a4a89f8-ed24-4a85-9b43-4b6e5c6d8111_zpszd5f4sjr.jpg

**To print the picture out you have to save it to your computer first. 
1.  Right click on the picture you want
2.  Click on SAVE PICTURE AS
3. Then save the picture with name you choose.

These are to make picks for cupcakes.
Cut them out with a circle hole punch and sandwich them between a toothpick.


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