Monday, October 10, 2016


Michael's 18th Birthday Candy Bouquet

Michael's 17th birthday donut cake

Michael's 16th birthday surprise from Brent and Natalie

Trevor's 15th birthday balloons

Trevor's 13th birthday donut cake

Brent's 16th birthday donut cake

                          2015 Football dinner cupcakes

Dad's 70 birthday cupcakes

My 50th birthday Surprise from Julie
What a brilliant idea~ My sister-n-law Julie sent me this great box full of birthday goodies!  That was the nicest surprise and really helped make my 50th birthday special. 

Notice I am wearing a birthday crown in both pictures.
 My favorite Family Restaurant "Cheesecake Factory."  Karrie drove us there and the parking lot was crazy.  We had to drive around for 20 minutes looking for parking and finally found a spot on the other side of the mall.  At first that seemed like a bummer until we saw all these people riding around the mall on little mechanical animals.  They ended up letting us ride one for free since it was my birthday.  I hope I can find that picture. 

 I spread out my "50th" birthday celebration so it lasted about a month.  I had my mom and dad come up for Michael game against Oakdale since my parents drove up to Oakdale the year before for Michael's football game.  I thought they would enjoy that game and I also needed my moms help with the baseball dinner.  That was so much fun~ I will never forget the dinner as long as I live. 
These poor unsuspecting people were also part of my 50th birthday celebration...they just didn't know it.  When they asked all of us to go, my first thought was I would enjoy doing that to celebrate my birthday.  Only Mike and I knew I was celebrating my birthday.  It was great!  Oh~ I also celebrated my birthday at the high schools Jeans and Jewels.  Had a great time.  I just decided if I was doing something in March it was my birthday celebration. 

This was so much fun...I watch too much CSI and Law and Order.  We split the boys up and half of them had to play dead and the other boys outlined their bodies with masking tape.

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