Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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This is just my account of the whole Cheesecake Battle.  First of all, let my clarify that
I am not sure if Paula knows it was a Cheesecake Battle.  All I do know is that
Holiday Season my mom kept bragging about her friend George's BLUE RIBBON cheesecake. 
She loved it so much she asked him to bring it for Christmas.... I knew I wasn't going to bring a cheesecake that holiday.  My family was going to automatically compare and if George's cheesecake was half as good as my mom said it would be ~ IT was going be GREAT!   Paula was new to the family, not sure she knew we were crazy. We don't let things go~ and we laugh at every one's expense.  Not sure you should do that when someone is new the to family.  I have been the BUTT of so many Gartner's jokes.  I don't mind myself I like a good laugh.  Not sure you should welcome a new family member that way.  I hope after getting to know us she understands how much we loved her cheesecake...we just like a good laugh better.
In my mind I remember like this~
George casually walks in with his cheesecake.  I am pretty sure he didn't know it was
about to get REAL.  Paula proudly walks in with her cheesecake and two AMAZING sauces!!!!!  Being new to the family she was excited to let us try her cheesecake and sauces.  
I don't think she knew George had brought a cheesecake.  Remember, this is just my
recollection.  Everyone has their own version.  Well if you look at the picture you can tell Paula's cheesecake was getting ridiculed by my brother John.  What you don't see is we were all in on it, except my mom.  John and Bob (Paula's Husband) are so funny.  You can't help but
laugh when they are making fun of someone.  I don't know who was worse John or Bob.
  Bob said it looks like she made her cheesecake in a Easy Bake oven. 
That just fueled John even more.   If you can tell by the look on John's face he had about
10 minutes of material about the cheesecake. 
 I shouldn't love this picture...but I do.  It reminds me of my family. 
note*** Paula's cheesecake and sauces are amazing.  She is still part of our family  and it had been at least 12 years.  We just have to grow on you.

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